AESOP'S  FABLES               


125 - The Viper and the pond's Snake



A viper was accustomed to drink water from a pond, and a  snake that was inhabiting in it, was trying to prevent the viper to approach it, infuriated because the viper, not satisfied of reigning in his field, also came to bother him.

To so much there came the annoyance that they were convenient in freeing a combat: the one that was obtaining the victory would enter possession of everything.

They fixed the day, and the frogs, which did not love  the snake, went where the viper, exciting him and promising that they would help him, and would stay next to him.

The combat began , and the frogs, not being able to do another thing, they only were throwing screams.

The viper won and filled with reproaches to the frogs, since to help him in the struggle, they had not done any more than to throw screams. Then the frogs answered:

"But partner, our help is not in our arms, but in the voices."


In the daily struggle, so important is the stimulus as the action.





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