AESOP'S  FABLES            


139 - The Seagull, the Hawthorn and the Bat



A Seagull, a Bat and a Hawthorn made an association to devote themselves together to the commerce. The Bat looked for the money, the Hawthorn looked for a few cloths, and the Seagull, looked for a quantity of copper. Obtained everything, they prepared a ship. But a tremendous storm arose sinking the boat and getting lost the load; they only saved their lives.

That's why since then the Seagull always flutters to the watching in the shores to see if the sea throws in some beach his copper; the Bat, fleeing from his creditors, only goes out at night to feed; and the Hawthorn, catches the clothes of the travelers, trying to recognize his cloths.

It is not easy to abandon the instincts





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