AESOP'S  FABLES            


154 - The two Beetles



A bull was feeding in a small island, and two beetles were feeding from his dung. The winter came, and one of them said to the other that he will go to cross the sea in order that his partner had sufficient food, while he would spend the winter in firm ground. He added that if there are food in plenty he would bring much to her also.

When the beetle arrived to the continent, he found there many and fresh dungs, so he settled there and fed abundantly. The winter ended and he returned to the island. After his partner saw him fat and healthy, he reproached him that he had not brought to him anything of what was promised.

"Do not blame me - he replied-, but to the local nature, because it is possible to find very much with what to live, but it is impossible to lift flight with so many load."


You will always find very good supposed friends ready to flatter and to promise, but they do not do anything more, refusing at the real hour, to give a help.





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