AESOP'S  FABLES               


160 - The Trees that wanted a King



Decided one day the trees to choose a king in order to govern them, they said to the olive tree:
"Reign between us." And the olive tree answered:

"To resign I from the liquid oil that so much the gods and the men appreciate in me, to go to reign between the trees?"

And the trees looked for the fig tree, asking him:
"Come to reign between us."
And the fig tree answered equally:

"To resign I from the sweetness of my fruits to go to reign between you?

Then the trees said to the hawthorn:
"Come to reign in us."
And the hawthorn answered to the trees:

"If really you want to choose me to reign between you, come to put under my cover, or if not, that the fire from the thorn arises and devours the cedars of the Lebanon!"

Whom does not have good fruits to give, there will give the bad things that has, making to suffer those that surround him.





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