167 - The Woman and her drunk Husband



A woman had a drunk husband. To free him of this vice she imagined the following stunt.

Waiting the moment in which his husband was remaining insensitive as a dead person because of the inebriation, she loaded with him on his backs, took him to the cemetery and there she left him. When she judged that the inebriation had already finished to him, she returned and called at the edge of the cemetery.

"Who calls there?" - the drunkard said.

"It is me, that I bring the meal to the dead persons." -The woman answered.

"Do not bring to me meal; I prefer that you bring me drinking" - The drunkard answered.

And the woman, banging her breast, exclaimed:

"What unhappy I am! Not even my stunt has done on you the minor effect, my husband, since not only you have not corrected yourself, but you have worsened, turning your vice into the main nature."

Never allow that a wrong conduct dominate your life. Put your reason over the mistake.





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