AESOP'S  FABLES               


180 - The false Doctor



A false doctor was treating a patient; other doctors had made sure that, although he was not in danger, his illness would be of long duration; only the false doctor said to him that he should take all his dispositions, because he would not arrive to the following day. After some time, the patient got up and went out, palely and walking with difficulty. His false doctor found him and said to him:

"How are, my friend, the inhabitants of the hell?"

"Calm - he answered-, because they have drunk the water of the Lecteo. But lately Hades and the Death were dropping terrible threats against the doctors because they do not allow to die to the patients, and all of them were aimed in their book. They were going to aim at you also, but I threw myself to his feet swearing to them that you were not a real doctor and saying that they had accused you without motive."

Never ask for help to whom does not have the correct preparation to give it.





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