182 - The Man and the golden Lion



A greedy man that also was of intimidated fortitude, found a golden lion, and started to say:

"What to do in this situation? The fright paralyzes my reason; the avidity of wealth on the one hand, and the fear on the other hand tear me. What hazard or what god has done a golden lion? What happens to me fills my soul of embarrassment; I want the gold, and I am afraid of the work done with that gold; the desire pushes me to take it, and my nature to leave it."

"Oh fortune that offers and that does not allow to take! Oh treasure that does not give pleasure! Oh favor of a god who is a torture! What will I do so that it comes to my hands? I will return with my slaves to take the lion with this friends' troop, while I look from a distance."

It is not correct to monopolize wealths we will not use, or not to allow others to use them. Let's make good use of them putting them to the service of all, we and the others.





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