AESOP'S  FABLES            


199 - The orator Demades



The orator Demades was speaking one day to the citizens of Athens, but as they were not giving a lot of attention to his speech, he asked them to allow him to count a fable. Granted the demand, it began this way:

"Demeter, the swallow and the eel was travelling together one day; they came to the shore of a river; the swallow rose in the air, the eel disappeared in the waters ..." - and here the orator stopped.

"And Demeter..? - they shouted him-. What did he do ...?"

"Demeter became furious against you - answered-, because you neglect the matters of State to amuse yourselves with a fable."

That happens within the people: they prefer giving him attention only to the pleasure and leaving of side the really necessary things. Let's take care of not falling down in this error. Let's share appropriately the duty and the pleasure.





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