207 - Diogenes the cynic



Diogenes the cynic was traveling and arrived to the shore of a torrential river, and stopped there perplex. A man accustomed to transport people across the river, seeing him undecided, approached Diogenes, raised him on his shoulders and carried him complaisantly to another shore.

Diogenes remained there, reproaching his poverty that was preventing him from paying to his benefactor. And being thinking about it, he warned that the man, seeing another traveler who could not cross the river either, went to look for it and transported him equally. Then Diogenes approached the man and said to him:

"I do not have already to be grateful to you for your service, since I see that you do not do it by reasoning, but for mania."

When we serve equally persons of good gratitude, as well as ungrateful persons, undoubtedly that many will qualify us, not as the good people, but as ingenuous or dumb. But we must not lose heart for it, sooner or later, the kindness will always pay generously.





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