222 - Mercury and Tiresias



Mercury wanted to verify if the divining art of Tiresias was real; for which he stole his oxen in the field, and then, under the figure of a mortal one, he went away to the city and entered the house of Tiresias.

When he knew the loss of his oxen, Tiresias moved out from the city with Mercury to observe an augury in the flight of the birds, requesting Mercury to tell him what bird appeared.

Mercury saw an eagle that was flying from left to right and said it to him. Tiresias answered that this bird was not mattering for them.

To the second time, the god saw a crow standing in a tree, and for moments it was lifting the eyes to the sky, and seconds later it was inclining his head towards the ground, and he said that to him. Then the fortune-teller answered:

"This crow swears for the sky and for the ground that it depends on you finding my oxen again!"


Who commits a crime, somehow is found.





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