AESOP'S  FABLES               


240 - The Athenian Debtor



An indebted Athenian urged by his creditor so that he should pay to him his debt, asked this one to grant him a short term on the pretext that he was in trouble; but not managing to convince him, he brought the only sow that he was possessing, preparing to sell it in the presence of his creditor.
A buyer came asking if the sow was in fecund age.

"So fecund she is - answered the debtor - that she even is extraordinary: in the Mysteries she gives birth females and in the Anatheneas she gives birth males."

Amazed the buyer from what heard, the debtor exclaimed to him:

"Still do not be astonished so much, because this sow, also, will give you kids in the Dionisiacas!"


The desperation is a cause of big lies.





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