AESOP'S  FABLES            


244 - The Cheater



A sick man and of scarce resources, promised to the gods to sacrifice one hundred oxen if they were saving him from the death. 

Wanting to prove the patient, the gods helped him to recover rapidly the health, and the man got up from the bed. But as he was not possessing the promised one hundred oxen, he shaped them with tallow and led them to sacrificing to an altar, saying:

"Here you have, oh gods, my gift!"

The gods decided to make fun also of the liar, and sent to him a dream that was urging him to go to the shore of the sea, where immediately he would find one thousand silver coins.

Not being able to contain his happiness, the man ran to the beach, but there he was captured by some pirates who then sold him. And in that way he saw the one thousand silver coins.

The one who cheats, will be cheated





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