281 - Androcles and the Lion



A slave so-called Androcles had the opportunity to escape one day and ran towards the foresta. And while he was walking without course he came to where there was lying a lion, which wailing begged him: 

"Please I ask you to help me, since I stumbled over a hawthorn and a spike buried me in the claw and it has me bleeding and sore."

Androcles examined him and with much care extracted the thorn, washed and treated the wound. The lion invited him to his cave where he was sharing with him the food. 

But some days later, Androcles and the lion were found by his searchers. Taken Androcles to the emperor, was convicted to the circle to fight against the lions.

Once in the sand, a lion was liberated, and then he  started roaring and looking for the assault to his victim. 

But when the lion approached to the victim, he recognized his benefactor and was thrown on him but to lick him affectionately and to settle in his lap as a faithful pet. 

Surprised the emperor for the events, he knew at the end the history and forgave the slave and liberated in the foresta the lion.


The good acts are always rewarded.





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