042 - The Fox, the Lion and the Deer




A lion had fallen ill and was lying in a cave. A fox stayed with him, and one day the lion said to the fox, "If you want me to survive, please listen: I've got a craving for the deer who lives in the forest. At this moment I no longer have the strength to go hunting after him, but with that sweet speech of yours, the deer could come here and fall within my claws."

The sly fox went off and found the deer in the forest, in a meadow of tender grass. The fox stood before the deer and greeted him, saying that he had come to relay some important information. "As you know," said the fox, "the lion is my friend, but he is very sick and near to die, so he has been thinking about who will be king of the animals after he be dead."

"The boar is not intelligent, the bear is lazy, the leopard is impulsive, the tiger is crazy..., but he thinks that you, the deer, would be a worthy king, since you has an impressive appearance and lives a long time. And your antlers can scare away all kinds of snakes."

"But why do I tell you more?, it is decided that you will be the king and you will rule over the beasts of the hills. When that finally happens, remember that it was me who was the first to inform you."

"I advise you to follow me and accompany the lion faithfully up to his death."

This was what the sly fox said to the deer, and the deer's heart swelled at the sound of those sweet words. 

He came to the cave of the lion, with no idea of what was planned for him. The lion recklessly sprang up from the ground and launched a hasty attack, but he only slashed the deer's ears with his claws, and the wretched creature ran straight out the door and disappeared into the forest. 

The fox was striking his paws on having seen his game lost. And the lion was throwing strong screams, stimulated by his famine and the sorrow. He begged to the fox to try it again. And the fox said:

"Of course this is a difficult task. But nevertheless I will carry out your command!" 

He went out of the cave and continued the traces of the deer up to finding him restoring his forces.

The deer saw the fox and prepared to fight him, saying: 

"Miserable fox, do not come to cheat me! If you give one more step, take yourself as deceased! Looks for others that do not know about you, speak to them nicely and raise the smokes promising them the throne, but already not more to me."

But the crafty fox answered:

"But dear deer, do not be so slack and coward. Do not distrust us that we are your friends. On having taken your ear, the lion only wanted to say to you secretly his advices and instructions of how governing, and you do not have even patience for a simple scratch from a sick old lion."

"Now he is furious against you and is thinking about the intrepid wolf as to be the new king! Poor person! everything that he suffers for being the master! I swear to you for all this forest that you must not be afraid of anything from the lion. Come with me, but of course, be humble as a lamb. And as for me, only I try to serve you."

And cheated again, the deer went out towards the cave. There was not any more the deer than brought in, when the lion already saw his whim fully satiated, trying to leave not even memory of the deer.

Nevertheless the brain fell down to the soil, and the fox took it undercover, like a pay to his negotiations. And the lion looking for the lacking brain asked to the fox for it. Then the fox answered:

"This ingenuous deer had no brain, do not look for it. What class of brain might be had by a deer that came two times to the house and to the claws of the lion?"


Never allow the avidity of honors to disturb your good judgment, so that you be not caught by the danger.





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