AESOP'S  FABLES               


055 - The Wolves and the Dogs ready to fight




The wolves and the dogs were enlisted to fight. The dogs chose as general a Greek dog. But this one seemed not to be in the hurry to initiate the battle and for that reason they claimed him.

"Do you know - he answered - why am I taking my time? Because always is good to deliberate before entering in action . The wolves they all are of the same race, height and color, but we are of very different customs, and we come from diverse regions from which each one are proud."

"Our uniforms are not equal as those of them, we have fair-haired, black, white and ashen. How am I going to begin a war with so unequal soldiers? First I must design how to level my people."

When it is a matter of associating, in the measurement that there will be more unit of will and of thought between the members, more guarantee of success there will be.






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