AESOP'S  FABLES               


070 - The full Wolf and the Sheep




A wolf got fed up with meal and already without famine, saw a sheep stretched in the soil.

Realizing that she had collapsed simply of terror, he approached her, and after calming her, promised her to allow her to go if she can say to him three truths.

then the sheep said to him that the first one is that she had preferred not to have found him; the second one, now that she had already found him, she had wanted to find him blind; and for third truth she said to him:

"I hope, all the evil wolves will be dying of bad death, since without having received any evil from us, they give us a cruel war!"

The wolf recognized the reality of those truths and allowed she to go away.

Walk always supported in the truth, and it will open to you the ways of the success, even still between adversaries.






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