073 - The Wolf and the sleeping Dog




A dog was sleeping placidly in the portal of a house. A wolf advanced towards him, ready to give himself a banquet, when in that moment the dog asked the wolf not to make the sacrifice yet.

"Look at me, now I am in the bones - he said to him-; wait for little time, since my owners soon are going to celebrate their weddings and since I also will give myself my good stuffings, I will fatten myself and sure I will be a better great delicacy for your taste."

The wolf believed to him and left. After some time he returned. But this time he found the dog sleeping in a high piece of the house. He stopped and reminded to the dog what they had agreed. Then the dog responded:

"Oh wolf, if another day again you see me sleeping in the portal of the house, do not worry about waiting for the weddings!"

If an action takes you next to the danger, and then you manage to save yourself from it, remember which was this wrong action, and avoids to repeat it, so you will not put yourself again in danger.






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