AESOP'S  FABLES            


099 - The Cock and the Weasel




A weasel caught a cock and wanted to have a commendable reason to eat him.

The first accusation was that of importuning the men and preventing them from sleeping with his annoying singings in the night. The cock defended itself saying that he was doing it to serve them, since waking up them, he was reminding them that they had to begin their daily works.

Then the weasel looked for the second accusation: that he was ill-treating the Nature for looking as fiancées even his mother and his sisters. The cock replied that with it also was favoring his proprietors, because this way the hens were laying more eggs.

"Wow! - exclaimed the weasel-, I already see very well that you have response for everything, but not that's why I am going to remain with an empty stomach! - and he made the cock the plate of his dinner."


For the aggressor determined to attack, there is no class of reasons in order to stop.




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